Intel is Investing $20 Billion in its First New Manufacturing Site

Dubbed the Silicon Heartland, Intel is investing $20 billion in its first new manufacturing site in 40 years in New Albany, Ohio. As a result of this development, PRIME CM&S is positioned to manage the construction of $200 million in roadway projects, $50 million in wastewater projects, and $55 million water projects between now and 2025 as part of Phase I.

In an effort to complete the initial phase of roadway work in a shorter time frame, PRIME CM&S established a Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) contract to expedite the construction. This enabled our client, The City of Albany, to avoid the long conventional design-bid-build process and permitted us to utilize alternative materials and processes to speed up the delivery of the roadway project. Our team was also able to shift less critical definable features of work to future phases.

Construction began in March 2022 and has been progressing on budget and on schedule as a result. The initial work between Beech Road and Harrison Road has included the reconstruction of a new curbed three-lane roadway with lighting, and landscaping. Additionally, a shared use path has been installed on the north side of Jug Street and was utilized as a temporary roadway to expedite construction.

The next phase of construction will commence mid-August and will include over $20 million in sanitary sewer and waterline installation work outside of the Jug Street roadway, to be completed by February 2023.