Landscape Architecture

The PRIME AE landscape architecture practice leverages decades of experience crossing a multitude of disciplines. Our work focuses on integrating the human experience with the environment, providing solutions that vary greatly in scale, type, and context. Our passion and strengths are found in the results we deliver in communities, destinations, urban centers, rural expanses, and forests. Our greatest accomplishments are found in coalescing creativity, resource stewardship, and collaboration with a client-centric ethic that transfers success to those we serve.

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Landscape Architecture Markets

The environments we create and support through the design process focus on creating memorable, beneficial, and immersive experiences delivering success to our clients while improving natural and constructed ecologies.

Focusing on delivery of captivating experiences that harmonizes brand, the exterior environment, and the formation of memorable spaces.

Leveraging innovation, research, health, and wellness as the inspiration for creating spaces that complement architecture and embrace campus synergies for the benefit of patients, visitors, and staff.

Improving campuses through the creation of student-centric environments that evokes the college experience by enabling collaboration, relaxation, and recreation.

Setting the tone for the guest experience through memorable experiences and lasting impressions.

Integrating conservation, community, and design to develop environmental networks that support our infrastructure systems.

Integrating mission critical elements while supporting the morale of those that serve, work, and live at the centers of defense.

Improving public spaces small and large with environments that meet the needs and interests of the community.

Rising to meet conservation and environmental interests with natural elements, green infrastructure, and innovative solutions.

Driving community engagement and connection by bringing people together through exterior environments that promote activity or relaxation.

Incorporating elements supporting safety, recreation, comfort, brand, and a connection with nature as a primary component of community infrastructure.

Meet Our Landscape Architecture Leadership Team

Our work across sectors helps us to foresee challenges and bring creative solutions to your projects. These experiences bring a level of proficiency that you can trust will deliver success for all stakeholders.

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