At PRIME AE, we create, restore, and sustain water resources and infrastructures to achieve environmental balance. We are passionate about finding efficient, sustainable solutions for potable water production and delivery, wastewater collection and reclamation, natural water resource improvements, and a range of environmental services.

Expertise > Water

Water Markets

We serve municipal clients and project teams with water, sewer, and environmental design and permitting.

Identify natural resources, make determinations, and acquire permits for the water resources projects that impact them.

Delivering wastewater solutions for municipal and private partners for collection, transport, and treatment helps conserve precious resources.

Creating or restoring infrastructures for the treatment, storage, and distribution of potable water nourishes communities.

Meet Our Water Leadership Team

Our work across sectors helps us to foresee challenges and bring creative solutions to your projects. These experiences bring a level of proficiency that you can trust will deliver success for all stakeholders.

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