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At PRIME AE, we regularly work with private and public agencies to complete and submit permit applications. Our team of experts understand the intricacies of the permitting process at the local, state, and federal levels and will complete the necessary background steps, offering clear solutions and alternative scenarios when needed.

Long delays resulting from the permit approval process can impact a project schedule. Unaddressed environmental concerns or impact studies also have consequences. Our experience enables us to recognize and serve the administrative needs and requirements of a project in a timely manner, avoiding unnecessary and costly delays.

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PRIME AE serves municipality operated water and sewer utilities and supports private clients with water resource needs including design, environmental delineation, and permitting.

Whether renovating or starting from the ground up, our integration among teams brings a holistic mindset that improves communities through thoughtful design. While no two projects are the same, we know that one experience informs the next, even across the private and public spaces we design.

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