PRIME AE offers a full suite of highway, traffic, planning, and bridge engineering services for transportation systems that keep our communities moving, connecting people and places in a safe and cost-effective manner. We employ a practical design approach to minimize costs, while always looking to provide innovative and context-sensitive solutions that blend highway and bridge projects into the surrounding environment and communities while meeting the goals of the project.

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Transportation Markets

We build effective connections within and across communities.

Our company origins are in federal work, giving us vast experience with the complexities of federal transportation facilities, systems, and regulations.

Moving people safely and efficiently with impactful transportation design requires combining innovation with practicality for safer, more connected communities.

Being part of the big transportation picture requires experience, commitment, and ground-level knowledge of the areas you serve.

Meet Our Transportation Leadership Team

hs AlvinPowell


Alvin PowellPE, PTOE

Director, Traffic Engineering - MD
hs AmitJoshi


Amit JoshiPE

Director, Highway Design - MD
hs JackBranyon


Jack BranyanPE, CBSI

Vice President, National Bridge Inspection
Jen van Breukelen 800


Jenn van Breukelen

Sr. Highway Engineer


Kurt MillerPE

Transportation Operations Lead
hs LouSabad

Bridge Inspection

Lou SabadPE

Associate Vice President, Deputy National Lead, Bridge Inspection
Matt Thomas 800


Matthew ThomasPE

Director, Highway Design - PA
Micael Alemu 800

Bridge Design

Mike AlemuPE

Associate Vice President, Bridge Design - VA
Michael Yeager 800


Mike YeagerPE, MPA

Director of Transportation - KY
hs MonicaMcCluskey

Bridge Design

Monica McCluskeyPE

Director, Bridge Design - MD
hs RonLadyka


Ron LadykaPE, CBSI

Transportation Business Development Lead
hs RuelManuel

Bridge Design

Ruel ManuelPE

Associate Director, Structures - MD
Stan Nalitz 800

Bridge Design

Stan NalitzPE

Director, Structures - PA
Terri Combs 800


Terri CombsPE

Director of Transportation - KY

Our work across sectors helps us to foresee challenges and bring creative solutions to your projects. These experiences bring a level of proficiency that you can trust will deliver success for all stakeholders.

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