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Restoring Natural Stability to Stream Systems

A focus on restoring waterways with native vegetation and structural integrity improve water resources and natural environments. Protecting watersheds and fluid ecosystems are key to ensuring the longevity and health of our water sources, while reducing flooding potential and loss of property.

PRIME AE has extensive experience in developing creative, cost-effective solutions for a wide array of projects requiring stream restoration design. We help large organizations meet MS4, TMDL, and MDE and ACE permit requirements through drainage improvement and engineering and technical program support, all while navigating prevailing environmental regulations.

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PRIME AE serves municipality operated water and sewer utilities and supports private clients with water resource needs including design, environmental delineation, and permitting.

Whether renovating or starting from the ground up, our integration among teams brings a holistic mindset that improves communities through thoughtful design. While no two projects are the same, we know that one experience informs the next, even across the private and public spaces we design.

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