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Engineers create the infrastructure that supports the community planning, theming, and life cycle of a development project. We are experts in the development process, partnering with our clients to create a framework for project success based on goals and objectives, and then shepherding projects from the due diligence phase to final construction closeouts.

Our project experience is diverse, made up of mixed-use properties, commercial centers, large single-user facilities, and outparcel development. Our work includes design and management of the entitlements, transportation concurrency, master schedule, regional stormwater, traffic and utility analysis, local and environmental permitting, and site design.

We believe it is essential to understand the needs of the client and community members first in order to develop solutions that make a meaningful impact.

Meet Our Communities Leadership Team


Brad DavisPE, LEED AP

Senior Vice President, Southeast Region
hs SteveGarland


Steve GarlandPE, LSIT

Director, Site
Thomas Rybski


Tom RybskiPS

Vice President, Survey

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