Architecture brings people together in ways that nothing else can. At PRIME AE we find our purpose in designing spaces that drive these connections and build sustainable communities that meet the needs of all those it serves. Through our holistic design approach, we create spaces for utility and comfort, and we do what it takes to build trust along the way because after all, a structure is more than just concrete and steel.

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Architecture Markets

Function informs design in everything we do.

We create spaces that reflect your business’s identity in harmonious, enriching ways that allow you to maximize results.

The foundation of our company was established in federal — planning and designing hundreds of DoD and civilian projects domestically and abroad.

Our patient-centered approach aims to nurture the human spirit by creating environments designed for healing and wellness.

We create nurturing and inviting learning environments that reflect the unique mission and values of our nation’s colleges and universities.

Our designs maintain the architectural character of historic buildings while integrating modern features for today’s functional and accessibility needs.

Guest satisfaction defines the essence of our hospitality design. Our philosophy is to create spaces that enhance the visitor experience by providing safe and relaxed accommodations.

We plan spaces that feel natural and open as the first step to creating environments as justice shifts from punitive to restorative.

Our designs give students state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, and sustainable schools where they can focus on learning and achieving their highest potential.

Combining civic needs with function while incorporating stakeholder input helps us deliver impactful municipal architectural design.

Recreation facilities drive community engagement and connection. Our designs are meant to bring people together in a fun and safe environment.

Our work spans a variety of religious denominations, building sizes, and locations to create spaces that allow for worship, celebration, and fellowship.

We create custom private residences, from the ground up to full transformations of existing properties and historic restorations.

Meet Our Architecture Leadership Team

Our work across sectors helps us to foresee challenges and bring creative solutions to your projects. These experiences bring a level of proficiency that you can trust will deliver success for all stakeholders.

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