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Planning for Mission Success

Military master planning and facility planning covers a range of activities and scope. It can include mixed use neighborhoods, community improvements, recreation areas, schools, healthcare buildings, military facilities, energy efficient buildings, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. However, with such projects the DoD has guidelines and minimum requirements for the products and processes that can be used.

Having completed hundreds of projects for the armed forces, PRIME AE is adept at preparing master plans and facility plans for military installations including campuses, residential neighborhoods, and military-use properties. Our team is familiar with the process, schedule, and funding challenges that may affect the mission and adjust accordingly to ensure mission success.

Whether renovating or starting from the ground up, our integration among teams brings a holistic mindset that improves communities through thoughtful design. While no two projects are the same, we know that one experience informs the next, even across the private and public spaces we design.

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