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Proven Wastewater Solutions

PRIME AE offers public and private sector clients a variety of services in wastewater systems engineering from collection through treatment and disposal. Our municipal wastewater solutions for sewers, pumping stations, and treatment facilities are designed for the maximum health and safety of communities.

PRIME AE offers services including site development, transmission mains, treatment plants, sewer system evaluations, wastewater collection, disposal facilities, odor control, and residual handling. We provide expert planning, assessment, design, engineering, and management services toward treated effluent disposal or water reuse.

Meet Our Wastewater Leadership Team

hs AdamCaroon


Adam Caroon

Design Engineer
hs BrettNewberry


Brett NewberryPE

Senior Project Engineer
hs DougCole


Doug ColePE

Senior Director, Water/Wastewater
hs JonathanMcCracken


Jonathan McCrackenPE

Assistant Director, Water/Wastewater
hs MattLord


Matthew LordPE

Project Manager
hs MikHotha


Mik HothaPE, MBA

Senior Vice President, National Water Lead
hs MikeBenzanson


Mike BezansonPE, PMP, ENV SP

Mid-Atlantic Lead, Water
hs SteveGarland


Steve GarlandPE, LSIT

Director, Site

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