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Environmentally Responsible Project Planning

PRIME AE engages federal, state, and local regulators and environmental permitting agencies early in the design process to enable construction is completed on time and within mandated guidelines. Our environmental permits service helps ensure the longevity and sustainability of our natural spaces.

We are experienced in natural resource protection strategies, including forest protection, endangered species, wetland delineations, and mitigation strategies. We understand the necessary federal and state regulatory permits for stream restoration, management plans, and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) for construction projects related to Tier II waters. At PRIME AE, protecting the environment, permitting, and completing successful construction projects go together.

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We bring together all of the capabilities and expertise of PRIME AE to deliver effective, forward- thinking design and construction solutions to our federal clients. Services and support are provided from each of our sectors: Architecture, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Master Planning, Transportation, Water Resources, and CM/CI.

Our collaborative approach, combined with almost two decades of federal expertise, drives our ability to build secure work environments and deliver projects successfully in order to help advance national strategic interests.

Whether renovating or starting from the ground up, our integration among teams brings a holistic mindset that improves communities through thoughtful design. While no two projects are the same, we know that one experience informs the next, even across the private and public spaces we design.

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