• Kumar Buvanendaran, PE

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Kumar Buvanendaran
  • Jay Jayanthan

    Executive Chairman

    Jay Jayanthan
  • Anton Rasiah, CPA

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Jenna Silverstein

    Executive Director of Corporate Affairs

    Jenna Silverstein
  • Maria “Ree” Miskimon, CPSM

    Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

  • Michael Burgess, PE

    Senior Vice President, Midwest Infrastructure Services

  • Kerry Hogan, PE, BCEE

    Senior Vice President, National Water/Wastewater

  • Dana Mitchell, RA, NCARB

    Senior Vice President, Architecture & Engineering

  • Gary Fourie, RA, NCARB, RIBA

    Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Architecture & Engineering

  • Charles ‘Chas’ Schreckenberger, FAIA, NCARB

    Principal Architect

  • Robert ‘Rob’ Habel, AIA, NCARB

    Principal Architect

    Robert Habel
  • Markus Henneke, PE, PMP

    Vice President, Federal

  • Daniel (Danny) Davis, PE

    Senior Vice President, Virginia Transportation

  • Don Carlos, RA, NCARB, RRC

    Principal Architect

  • G. Larry Law, RA, NCARB, LEED AP®

    Principal Architect

  • Joe Warino, PE

    Associate Vice President, Construction Management

  • Ronald (Ron) Ladyka, PE, CBSI

    Associate Vice President, Pennsylvania Transportation

    Ron Ladyka
  • Kazem Farhoumand, PE

    Vice President, New England Transportation

    Kazem Farhoumand
  • David Metcalf, PE

    Vice President, Virginia Transportation

    David Metcalf
  • Kurt Miller, PE

    Vice President, Transportation, MD Highway/Traffic

  • Michael Rice, PE

    Vice President, Transportation, MD Bridge

  • Eric Smith, PE, PTOE, MBA

    Vice President, National Traffic Engineering, ITS

  • Todd Bergstrom, PE, DBIA

    Vice President, National Design-Build

  • Stephen Carl, PE

    Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Design-Build

  • Thomas Rybski, PS

    Vice President, Survey

    Tom Rybski
  • William “Bill” Taylor, PE, PMP

    Vice President, Northeast Area Manager, Water

    Bill Taylor
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    Brad Stanton

    Public Utilities Director, City of Delaware