Style Guide (Heading 1)

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Large Copy: intro paragraph text used for projects, expertise and some other pages throughout the site.

Body copy and a text link

  • Short bullet 1
  • Short bullet 2
  • Short bullet 3
  • Short bullet 4

Long bullets formatting is used to create some extra space between longer lines of bulleted text to improve readability:

  • Heading 1 is the largest size heading and it’s built into the Page Title formatting. There should only be one Heading 1 per page and, therefore you should not use it in content areas.
  • Heading 2 is the style that should be used for main/first headers within pages’ content (below the page title).
  • Heading 3 style should be used when you need to have subheadings within paragraphs that use Heading 2 style for their headings.
  • Heading 4 is the all-caps style.

Quote style: PRIME puts the interests of the City first, and works to ensure effective outcomes in the most efficient manner possible.

Testimonial Name

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