Woodward Ave Detention Basin

Woodward Ave Detention Basin

A natural wetland transformation.

The Woodward Avenue detention basin serves the city of Columbus, Ohio by providing stormwater management and flood protection for the city, safeguarding it from the nearby Alum Creek. The City of Columbus Department of Public Utilities was looking to transition the existing traditional structure into a more natural wetland with a concrete forebay. PRIME AE provided a range of services including construction inspection and administration, as well as planning and design services to help the city achieve their restoration goals.

Our team oversaw the removal of the existing concrete channels, as well as large-scale material excavation to make way for the improvements. After constructing a new outlet structure and head walls, more than 700 wetland plants and over 100 trees and shrubs were planted to restore the natural environment. The detention bay’s concrete forebay allows for ongoing maintenance to the structure. PRIME AE’s partnership with the Department of Public Works not only improved the structure but beautified and renewed the area through the restored wetland environment.

Client / Owner

City of Columbus, Department of Public Utilities

Key Features

Key Feature
Wetland Restoration
Large Scale Excavation
Multiple Tree and Shrub Plantings

Project Achievements

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