Walter P. Carter and Lois T. Murray Elementary / Middle School

Walter P. Carter and Lois T. Murray Elementary / Middle School

Improving the learning experience. Revitalizing the neighborhood.

The Walter P. Carter and Lois T. Murray Elementary/Middle School in the historic Wilson Park neighborhood is part of the ambitious 21st Century School Buildings Program, designed to transform student experiences, while contributing to the revitalization of urban neighborhoods. Past work with K-12 and community-based projects was essential to shaping the multi-functional property.

The original school needed to accommodate a larger student population while merging a smaller school into the facility, with each maintaining separate identities. PRIME AE was integral in planning and design, including early feasibility studies. Master planning had to overcome challenges such as topography, space limitations, storm drainage, dual purpose use, and shared resources.

As part of a larger $1.1B Baltimore school program, the project involved working with a contingent of federal, state, and city entities, including design review committees, site planning review board, regulatory agencies, and community groups. PRIME AE worked with the neighborhood association to bolster community pride in the distinctive property. The nature of the project also enabled PRIME AE to partner with qualified small businesses and minority-owned companies.

Since ribbon-cutting in January 2021, the school has received widespread acclaim from industry peers and the community. Most recently the project received the highest award for Institutional Architecture at the AIA Maryland Excellence in Design Awards.

Client / Owner

Baltimore City Public Schools

Key Features

Key Feature
21st Century School Buildings Program project
149,000 SF of interior space
Multi-purpose gymnasium/ cafeteria/ auditorium
Community access and green space

This project really shows how restraint and simple moves can create an elevated and elegant architecture for education.

AIA Maryland Excellence in Design Awards Juror

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Project Achievements

Every project we undertake serves as a wellspring of knowledge and experience, feeding our collective growth and paving the way to optimize outcomes, leverage efficiencies, foster collaboration, and advance innovation. Throughout the journey of this project, these accomplishments have been instrumental in its overall success and have fortified our collective expertise.

  • Early involvement began with feasibility study to weigh renovation versus demolition and rebuilding. This led to conceptualizing, site master planning, formulating criteria, and viewing the site holistically.
  • The irregular perimeter and landlocked property required design considerations to ease traffic flow. The building footprint was pushed back to create expanded frontage for drop-off and bus access.
  • The topography presented considerations, such as an untouchable winding natural stream and giant storm drain, requiring thoughtful design solutions that conformed with environmental compliance.

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