Turkey Hill New Albany

Turkey Hill New Albany

From planning to grand opening success

Embarking on the journey from project initiation to the grand opening, the comprehensive project scope involved planning and engineering design for a Turkey Hill Gas Station Complex in New Albany. Encompassing surveying, zoning and planning, and site civil engineering design, this strategic approach led to seamless progression, overseeing each aspect with precision and care.

The intricate details of the project spanned an ALTA and topographic site survey, providing a deep understanding of the site’s characteristics. Skillfully orchestrated site planning and layout, coupled with zoning assistance, aligned seamlessly with regulatory requirements. Environmental sustainability took center stage with a robust stormwater management and pollution protection plan, complemented by site grading and stormwater control design.

Public road access design enhanced connectivity, while utility services coordination streamlined infrastructure requirements for the complex. Landscaping planning and design not only added aesthetic appeal but also embraced environmental considerations. Prioritizing inclusivity, ADA accessibility planning and design ensured accessibility for all within the complex, which includes a convenience store, restaurant, and carwash.

This project’s holistic excellence demonstrates a commitment to achieving not only regulatory compliance but also surpassing expectations in functionality, accessibility, and environmental stewardship.

Client / Owner

EG America/Turkey Hill

Key Features

Key Feature
10 Fueling stations, piping and underground storage tanks
Convenience store and carwash
Four public driveways
Sanitary and water line lateral connections
Stormwater system and regional detention connection

Project Achievements

Every project we undertake serves as a wellspring of knowledge and experience, feeding our collective growth and paving the way to optimize outcomes, leverage efficiencies, foster collaboration, and advance innovation. Throughout the journey of this project, these accomplishments have been instrumental in its overall success and have fortified our collective expertise.

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