Triadelphia Reservoir

Triadelphia Reservoir

Protecting an integral natural resource.

The Triadelphia Reservoir is located along and fed by the Patuxent River in Maryland, stretching across Howard and Montgomery counties. The Reservoir is formed by Brighton Dam, which is owned and maintained by WSSC Water. A vital source of drinking water for the area, the Reservoir also provides acres of woodland and water recreational space, making it an integral piece of the central Maryland landscape.

When an emergency boat launch along a tributary of the Triadelphia required repair and replacement, PRIME AE was called upon to assist in preserving the reservoir’s safety for boaters and watercraft users. Our team designed plans for slope stabilization and boat launch repair as well as replacements for two RCP culverts. As the result of our successful relationship after working on the initial project, our client requested that our team review site conditions for drainage improvements at the WSSC dam resource center. During this subsequent engagement, the PRIME AE team was responsible for permitting requirements, design, H&H, cost estimates, and design oversight on this complicated project.

PRIME AE’s services contributed to the beauty of this important resource as both a suburban water supply and a space to enjoy the natural environment.

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WSSC Water

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