The Loyola Notre Dame Library

The Loyola Notre Dame Library

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Nestled between the adjoining campuses of Loyola University Maryland and Notre Dame of Maryland University, the four-story, glass walled Loyola Notre Dame library is an architype of student life, serving as an academic hub and gathering space for both institutions.

PRIME AE was part of the redevelopment of the multi-level library, which involved a comprehensive interior renovation, facility-wide technology systems retrofit, and the integration of new program functions. The three-story spandrel glass curtainwall expansion attracts students from both campuses and provides spaces for meeting and studying informally in multi-seat, computer portal anchored “pods”, as well as spaces for large-scale gatherings.

New program areas include a multi-purpose exhibit space, art gallery and cyber cafe, a 100-seat auditorium, a 36-seat film screening room with theatre seating, two bibliographic / information literacy classrooms, two large computer labs, individual and group study rooms, a board room, and an expanded special collections and archives suite. Library stack space was increased by 45%.

The prestigious project, featured on the cover of the American Library Association’s CHOICE Magazine, provides a beautiful space for students to pursue their studies.

Client / Owner

Loyola Notre Dame Library

Key Features

Key Feature
100-seat Auditorium & 36-seat Film Screening Room with theatre-style seating
Multipurpose Art Gallery and Cyber Cafe
Archives & Expanded Special Historic Collections; including St. John’s Bible Special Exhibit
2 50+ station Computer Classrooms
2 - bibliographic/Information Literacy Classrooms
Multiple Seminar, Group Study and Individual Study Carrels
Board Room & Administrative Offices

The effective communication, thoroughness of review, and timely delivery of work enabled this project to be completed on time and within budget.

John McGinty, Director

Project Achievements

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