The Gale Lemerand Student Center at Daytona State College

The Gale Lemerand Student Center at Daytona State College

A vibrant hub of student life.

Daytona State College has taken a significant step forward in enhancing student life with the construction of The Gale Lemerand Student Center. This facility integrates campus retail opportunities, student life, and serves as a grand campus entrance. Designed with careful consideration of the historical campus plan from the mid-20th century, the student center successfully reconciles the campus’ awkward building orientations by incorporating a series of plazas, walkways, and covered porticos. The strategic twisting of axial orientations creates regional symmetries, establishing the student center as the heart of the campus.

The complex landscape architecture design surrounding the student center, a key component of the sweeping master plan, was developed in collaboration with PRIME AE. The design incorporates innovative elements such as native planting stabilization adjacent to roof drainage discharge points, integrated native rock formations, and specialty hardscape along the plazas and walkways. These creative features enhance the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of the campus grounds.

Thanks to the imaginative and innovative approach of the PRIME AE team, Daytona State College has achieved its vision of creating a vibrant center at the core of student life and an unforgettable backdrop for a capital campus arrival.

Client / Owner

Daytona State College

Key Features

Key Feature
Native planting stabilization adjacent to roof drain discharge points
Specialty hardscape
Integrated native rock formations

Project Achievements

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