St. Bernard Catholic Church

St. Bernard Catholic Church

German Romanesque Catholic Church Restored

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the St. Bernard Catholic Church underwent a meticulous exterior restoration to safeguard its architectural legacy. The restoration efforts encompassed various crucial tasks, including repointing deteriorated mortar joints, meticulously cleaning, and restoring the exterior stonework, rebuilding an exterior balustrade, and recreating intricate details in column capitals.

The success of the exterior restoration served as a catalyst, inspiring the dedicated parishioners to embark on a comprehensive restoration journey. This included the meticulous repair and restoration of the stained-glass windows, addressing structural concerns by repairing the slate roof, rejuvenating the sanctuary interior, and modernizing the existing community kitchen. Furthermore, the restoration efforts extended to the revitalization of the sanctuary lighting, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality of this sacred space.

The commitment to preserving the church’s historical and architectural significance underscores the dedication of the parishioners and the community at large. Through these restoration endeavors, the church not only honors its past but also ensures a vibrant and functional space for future generations to gather, worship, and appreciate the rich heritage embedded within its walls.

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St. Bernard Catholic Church

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National Register of Historic Places

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National Register of Historic Places

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