Savannah West

Creating a center for entertainment, lifestyle, education, and commerce.

Savannah is one of the oldest cities in America, and one of the few that maintains the structure of its original plan from the 18th century. Most clearly defined within the historic district, Oglethorpe’s plan from the 1730s still suffuses the heart of this southern city. Members of the PRIME AE team led a series of sessions alongside the city of Savannah to discover potential development, infrastructure, and destination-related opportunities west of the historic district.

The planning process included preserving the sanctity of the original plan and establishing minimum planning principles for Savannah West. Our primary goals were to maintain the historic reverence, authenticity, and distinction while incorporating architecture, road alignments, and public spaces to create experiences with exceptional views. It was important to create a vibrant urban ecosystem with a strong connection to the land where commerce, tourism, lifestyle, and ecology work together, properly scaled and vibrant, to complement the historic district.

Hydrologic repair was also addressed with integrated stormwater solutions that add value, solve conveyance issues, and enhance water quality in connection with the existing Savannah Ogeechee Canal and Springfield Canal.

Through innovation and creative planning, this grand vision leverages public and private partnerships to create a historically reverent center for Savannah’s entertainment, lifestyle, education, and commerce.

Client / Owner

City of Savannah

Key Features

Key Feature
197 acres
3,800 residents
1,200 beds (student housing)
2,500,000 SF office
1,700,000 SF commercial
32,000 seats (specialty entertainment)

Project Achievements

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