Phelps Sanitary Sewer Improvements Project

Phelps Sanitary Sewer Improvements Project

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PRIME AE has been instrumental in supporting the Mountain Water District with the planning, design, and preparation of contract documents for the upcoming upgrade of the existing Phelps Sanitary Low-Pressure Sewer System. Our design services encompassed the development of a comprehensive hydraulic model of the entire Phelps Sanitary Sewer System, which includes five existing pump stations and serves over 780 customers utilizing E-One grinder pumps.

To facilitate accurate evaluation, our team created a continuous storm water management model of the complete sanitary sewer system. This model was meticulously calibrated to align with district’s provided service call problem area map. Through this integration, we were able to simulate and assess multiple alternate solutions. Each alternative, accompanied by corresponding cost estimates, was presented for careful consideration.

After a thorough evaluation process, the district ultimately selected the recommended design alternative that demonstrated the highest cost-effectiveness. This solution entails the construction of the Phelps Pump Station, along with approximately 13,000 linear feet of 6-inch force main connecting the Phelps Pump Station to the Billy Dotson Pump Station.

PRIME AE’s proficiency in hydraulic modeling and thorough evaluation enabled us to provide the district with valuable insights and cost-effective design recommendations. Together, we are working together to improve functionality and service for the community it serves.

Client / Owner

Mountain Water District

Key Features

Key Feature
5 existing pump stations
Serves over 780 customers utilizing E-One grinder pumps
13,000 linear feet of 6-inch force main

Project Achievements

Every project we undertake serves as a wellspring of knowledge and experience, feeding our collective growth and paving the way to optimize outcomes, leverage efficiencies, foster collaboration, and advance innovation. Throughout the journey of this project, these accomplishments have been instrumental in its overall success and have fortified our collective expertise.

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