Mingo Estates Sewer Replacement

Mingo Estates Sewer Replacement

Functional sewer design for community.

Mingo Estates, a neighborhood within Violet Township, Ohio, was in need of replacing a sanitary sewer that ran through the backyards between Hill Road North and Circle Drive West. Leveraging our expertise in water services, PRIME AE provided detailed survey and design services for inspection and replacement of the sewer system.

Collaborating closely with Fairfield County, our team conducted thorough televising of sewer systems to assess their condition. This process allowed us to identify sections of the sanitary sewer lining were suitable for use and pinpoint areas of deterioration that required replacement.

PRIME AE initially visited the sewer alignment with county personnel to observe and discuss existing conditions, concerns, and deficiencies. Subsequently, we reviewed available information provided by the County, including CCTV logs, videos, property maps, plans, and other relevant sources before progressing to the next phase of the project.

In the subsequent phase, our team provided detailed designs, which involved field surveys to provide topographic data, locate utilities, and establish vertical and horizontal control. Additionally, PRIME AE provided detailed design drawings for both sewer replacement and sewer lining. Our detailed drawings included locations, elevations, alignments, typical sections, details, and general notes.

Through our end-to-end survey and design services combined with a strong partnership with county stakeholders, PRIME AE delivered safe and fully functional sewers for the residents of Mingo Estates.

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Fairfield County Utilities

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