MDTA Construction Management and Inspection Services

MDTA Construction Management and Inspection Services

Efficient traffic management through continuous surveillance.

A busy transportation corridor on the east coast, stretching through the state of Maryland to the Delaware state line, requires ongoing safety inspection and maintenance to keep traffic in the Baltimore Metro area running smoothly and safely. PRIME AE partnered with MDTA to deliver on-call, on-site construction management and inspection services for a spectrum of highways, tunnels, and bridges in the area. As a trusted partner, PRIME AE supports the MDTA in meeting its goals for travel safety and efficiency.

Our on-site inspectors’ duties are wide-ranging. We provide day-to-day support for every detail. From reviewing constructability and contract documents to attending pre-construction conferences and monitoring contractor performance to conducting detailed inspections for all construction work and materials and more, PRIME AE is the on-site expert to maintain the highest quality of work.

Key structures along the transportation corridor include the I-895 Canton Viaduct , the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, the Key Bridge, the Hatem Bridge, and smaller bridges and structures along the I-95 corridor. PRIME AE contributed to every aspect of managing the maintenance and rehabilitation of these structures to keep commuters safe on the road.

As a trusted partner in this multi-phased project, PRIME AE has made a significant impact on the safety and ease of travel through Baltimore, Maryland and beyond.

Client / Owner

Maryland Transportation Authority

Key Features

Key Feature
Construction Management and Inspection
System Preservation and Maintenance
Interpretation of Construction Plans, Specifications, and Item Quantities
Performance and Oversight of Materials Testing
Materials Clearance

Project Achievements

Every project we undertake serves as a wellspring of knowledge and experience, feeding our collective growth and paving the way to optimize outcomes, leverage efficiencies, foster collaboration, and advance innovation. Throughout the journey of this project, these accomplishments have been instrumental in its overall success and have fortified our collective expertise.

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