Lodi Library Renovation and Roof Replacement

Lodi Library Renovation and Roof Replacement

Library receives new cover.

The Lodi Library, only seven years old, faced being condemned by the County Building Official due to severe damage. The heavy timber framing had experienced significant curling and cracking, leading to the destruction of windows and other finishes.

PRIME AE took on the project, starting with a comprehensive assessment of all 185 timbers to determine their wood species, grade, and compliance with building codes. Since the majority of the timber failed to meet code requirements, the decision was made to replace all the timbers with wood-clad steel shapes. This extensive undertaking involved demolishing and rebuilding approximately one-third of the building, including significant sections of the existing metal roof.

Collaborating closely with the Medina County District Library, our team expedited the construction process and developed detailed plans to seamlessly integrate the replacement roof portions with the remaining original roof. The project encompassed the replacement of finishes, windows, and the entire roof area. To minimize disruption to library operations, PRIME AE devised a strategic phasing plan, allowing the library to maintain limited operations and remain accessible to the public throughout the construction period.

Despite the challenging timeline, PRIME AE successfully completed both the design and construction administration services. The final construction costs closely aligned with the initial design cost estimate, demonstrating the effective management of the project.

This remarkable transformation honored the library’s structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, and uninterrupted service to the community.

Client / Owner

Medina County District Library

Key Features

Key Feature
7 years old
14,000+ SF
185 timbers assessed

Project Achievements

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