Glenwood Recreation Center

Glenwood Recreation Center

Creating Community Connection

The revitalized Glenwood Recreation Center stands as a testament to the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, which aims to connect the people of their community through the power of nature, wellness, and creativity. Originally constructed in 1963, the original center had deteriorated to a point where it was deemed necessary to demolish and rebuild it. The redesigned facility was strategically positioned to optimize its utilization and integration with the surrounding park.

In its architectural design, the building takes into careful consideration the scale of neighboring residences, seamlessly incorporating three spacious areas: a gymnasium, auditorium, and multi-purpose room. Being a LEED Certified project, the design prioritizes maximizing natural daylight, enhancing energy efficiency, and incorporating repurposed materials from the existing multi-level building.

In addition, the master planning process encompassed the integration of the adjacent pool facility. This process considered factors such as building placement, parking layout, and the inclusion of additional amenities such as basketball and tennis courts, outdoor fitness and play areas, and a walking path.

The Glenwood Recreation Center not only enriches the community’s well-being, but also exemplifies sustainability and thoughtful urban design.

Client / Owner

Columbus Recreation and Parks

Key Features

Key Feature
Auditorium and gymnasium
Ceramics and arts rooms
Game room
Fitness center with equipment
Two classrooms

Awards / Recognition

Award / Recognition URL
LEED Certified

Project Achievements

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