Gaysport Bridge Replacement

Gaysport Bridge Replacement

Bridging together two communities.

The historic Gaysport Bridge in Gaysport, OH is a crucial connection point for communities on either side of the river. Built in the 1890s, the bridge has weathered three previous rehabilitations. The goal of the rehabilitation is to improve safety and ease of travel between the Muskingum and Morgan counties while maintaining the bridge’s established route between the two.

The design modernizes the bridge while still maintaining key historical features, integrating new galvanized steel beams and girders with a reinforced concrete deck and a rehabilitated substructure with existing sandstone piers that are part of the bridge’s original structure.

Our team continues to work closely with project stakeholders, including ODOT, the Muskingum County Engineer’s Office, ODNR, the U.S. Coast Guard, and area residents, to provide project engineering and inspection services. Our team’s primary responsibilities include the inspection of the contractor’s operations, making sure it is compliant with all codes, regulations, site materials, project plans and specifications along with reviewing all project correspondence, such as the approval and acceptance of submitted engineering plans, maintaining project records, and reporting. As a result of PRIME AE’s ongoing work, the project is progressing on schedule and within budget, promoting the goal of connecting communities.

Client / Owner

ODOT District 5/Muskingum County Engineering Office

Key Features

Key Feature
Historical bridge
Galvanized steel beams and girders
Integrating new designs while preserving historic features

Project Achievements

The project is scheduled to be finished early within the budget.

  • On schedule
  • On budget

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