GATE Convenience Stores

GATE Convenience Stores

From single location to diversified southern business fixture.

Gate Petroleum Company started with a single gas station that Herbert “Herb” Peyton opened in 1960. The now-recognizable name GATE originated from the chamber slogan at the time: “Jacksonville: A Gateway to Florida”. During the 1970s oil crisis, Herb realized the need to diversify into unrelated businesses to protect the company economically. Today, GATE operates precast concrete plants, fuel and fleet services, has an elite real estate portfolio, and a hospitality division. The GATE Foundation is also in place to support the well-being of family and community, and the company encourages employees to be active participants in their communities. Herb’s son, John Peyton, now serves as the company’s president, leading over 3,000 employees across seven states.

Still maintaining its original business foundation, there are approximately 200 GATE convenience stores throughout the southeastern United States. They can be found as far west as Tallahassee, Florida, as far north as Morganton, North Carolina, and as far south as Lake Placid, Florida. Older service stations typically range between 3,500 and 5,500 square-feet with 6 to 14 fuel dispensers, but newer stations are typically much larger at 6,500 square-feet and 20 fuel dispensers. Contributing to this well-established southern business fixture, the PRIME AE team has had the opportunity to design, permit, and construct eight GATE convenience stores throughout northeast Florida. With more in progress, PRIME AE is contributing to the economic fabric of the area that this now-expanded family business has helped to create.

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GATE Petroleum Company

Key Features

Key Feature
200 stores
6500 SF store
Fuel dispenser

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