FSK SPECT CT Replacement

FSK SPECT CT Replacement

Transformation of Imaging Space

Our team spearheaded an interior renovation project at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, replacing the existing Gamma Camera imaging room with an advanced SPECT CT scanner. The endeavor included adding a new control room for the scanner and reconfiguring the dosing room and patient waiting area to optimize functionality.

The project’s scope involved extensive demolition, encompassing equipment, casework, walls, doors, floors, and ceilings. We coordinated with equipment vendors, installed custom casework, integrated lead-lined doors and glazing, and handled finishes for floors, ceilings, and paint. Structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work was also executed.

Accommodating the size and clearance requirements of the new equipment necessitated the redesign of existing spaces—the imaging room, control room, dosing area, and waiting room.

Notably, these renovations were carried out within an operational emergency department and above a facility-wide kitchen. Our team made sure that the design and construction were meticulously planned to avoid disruption to departmental functions.

Adherence to strict safety and compliance standards was paramount. Our team designed the space in accordance with Johns Hopkins’ Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA), implemented Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM) during construction, and followed The Joint Commission (TJC) accreditation standards, ensuring the highest levels of safety and regulatory compliance throughout the entire project.

Client / Owner

Johns Hopkins Health System, Facilities Design & Construction

Key Features

Key Feature
830 sf

Project Achievements

Every project we undertake serves as a wellspring of knowledge and experience, feeding our collective growth and paving the way to optimize outcomes, leverage efficiencies, foster collaboration, and advance innovation. Throughout the journey of this project, these accomplishments have been instrumental in its overall success and have fortified our collective expertise.

  • Our team designed and built around the occupied emergency department with special accommodations to prevent any disruption of the department’s operation.

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