Downtown Statesboro Redevelopment

Downtown Statesboro Redevelopment

Master plan brings new life to declining downtown.

The centuries-old city of Statesboro in southeastern Georgia has undergone countless growth and change over the years. While the downtown area has maintained its presence as an office, government, and retail activity center, certain areas were exhibiting varying levels of decline and disinvestment, affecting the district as a whole. The potential for a vibrant downtown exists. Major transportation facilities such as the U.S. 301 and the Central Georgia Railroad bisect the district, but U.S. 301, which connects the downtown with nearby Georgia Southern University, is a declining commercial strip corridor.

Due to the growing decline, the Downtown Statesboro Development Authority and City of Statesboro commissioned a downtown Redevelopment Plan. PRIME AE was selected to complete a master plan to revitalize the downtown. With the last master planning effort for downtown completed decades earlier, it was time for a new vision. The boundary of the expansive downtown master plan reflected the Downtown Development District and comprised almost 400 acres encompassing 75 city blocks of varying sizes and dimensions.

PRIME AE worked closely with the affected community to incorporate their voices into the master plan. Through a series of charrettes, our team developed a redevelopment plan which implements the community’s vision for downtown Statesboro – a vibrant mixed-use activity center where residents will work and shop; find great restaurants and entertainment; enjoy recreation and cultural activities; and take advantage of opportunities for urban living. We also provided a comprehensive market study and business development plan for downtown Statesboro to improve the economic health of the area.

Taking a comprehensive view and reflecting the desires of the community, PRIME AE designed a visionary master plan for the revitalization of this resilient southern city.

Client / Owner

Downtown Statesboro Development Authority

Key Features

Key Feature
400 acres encompassing 75 city blocks of varying sizes and dimensions

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