Clayton Road Bridge Replacement

Clayton Road Bridge Replacement

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As part of a larger plan to improve extended toll lanes (ETL) along the bustling I-95 traffic corridor, the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) planned to replace the aging Clayton Road bridge in Joppa, MD. PRIME AE collaborated with the State of Maryland and local stakeholders in Harford County to conduct a traffic alternative analysis and develop a complete full design package including plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) for the replacement. The study data for the analysis included turning movement counts, vehicle classification, queueing, speeds, travel time data collection, and field traffic operations observations.
Given that the bridge closure would necessitate an extended period, our team developed advanced Synchro/SimTraffic simulation models of Clayton Road and the adjacent roadway network. These models analyzed the traffic impacts of the planned closure and detour route of Clayton Road traffic. Notable, the models incorporated the MD 152 interchange over I-95, which provides access to the Interstate, and the surrounding roadways. Our team calibrated the high-tech, detailed models using FWHA Traffic Analysis Toolbox and MDOT Guide for Vissim Models.

PRIME AE calibrated these c models to analyze each proposed detour route during construction and to conduct capacity and queueing analysis for existing conditions and future construction conditions. We compared the results of the analysis to the mobility thresholds contained in the MDOT-SHA Work Zone Analysis Guide (2008). These insights informed and guided MDTA’s construction method selection. Temporary traffic control plans were developed for full closure and detour of Clayton Road onto the adjacent roadways, including plans for shoulder closures and lane shifts along I-95 for ramp realignment.

As part of PRIME AE’s complete design package, our team also developed signing and pavement marking plans for Clayton Road and I-95 for post construction conditions, including maintenance of traffic (MOT), roadway, structures, highway hydraulics, erosion and sediment control, and ITS plans.

The Clayton Road bridge was closed for the minimum duration of six months, in line with construction constraints. The new bridge reopened to traffic right on schedule, providing enhanced traffic flow along the I-95 corridor.

Client / Owner

Maryland Transportation Authority

Key Features

Key Feature
Structural Design
Highway, Geometric Design
H&H, SWM, E&SC Design
Traffic – MOT, Detour, Signing and Marking
Environmental Permitting – JPA, NOI, SWM and E&SC, NPDES
Geotechnical, Pavement Design
Utility Coordination and Relocation design
Cost Estimate and Special Provision

Awards / Recognition

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ACEC 2023 Engineering Excellence Award

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