City of Columbus Main Outpost Renovation

City of Columbus Main Outpost Renovation

Valuable partnership to keep city streets up and running.

The Street Maintenance Operations Main Outpost Facility needed major renovations in order to keep Columbus’s city streets in safe working order for its residents. As the most populous city in the state of Ohio, and the second-most populous in the entire Midwest, it was essential that Columbus find an engineering partner that was thoughtful in devising a plan to minimally impact the important day-to-day work taking place within the occupied facility. PRIME AE provided that valuable partnership through architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, technology, and structural services for the renovation and expansion of the existing facility.

Our team’s approach kept safety and efficiency at the forefront of the renovation project. By adding ten new offices and a locker room, including a mezzanine configuration for offices, improved overall functionality and usability was added for staff. Relocating the existing compressor created a more efficient facility layout while a new elevator made transportation between floors quick, convenient, and accessible. Keeping the safety of workers as a top priority, PRIME AE also updated the existing fire suppression system to meet current codes and corrected backflow issues in the water room to ensure the facility’s water supply met the most current safety standards.

This comprehensive, integrated approach kept street operations fully functioning, even during renovation. The end result was an expanded Main Operations Facility that offered city employees a better place to work through enhanced safety, efficiency, and usability.

Client / Owner

City of Columbus

Key Features

Key Feature
HVAC design with electrical support
Occupied facility renovation
Office expansion
Locker room and elevator addition

Project Achievements

Brought an occupied space up to code, while renovating the existing water room, adding 10 new office spaces, a locker room, and an elevator.

  • Successfully provided a full range of architectural and engineering services for the renovation and expansion of the Main Outpost Facility, while ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations.
  • Updated the fire suppression system to meet current codes, enhancing safety measures for the facility and its occupants.
  • Corrected backflow issues in the water room, ensuring that the facility’s water supply met safety standards.
  • Added ten new offices and a locker room, improving the facility’s functionality and usability.
  • Created new office spaces, including mezzanine office space, providing additional space for the facility’s staff.
  • Relocated the existing compressor, optimizing the facility’s layout for better efficiency.
  • Added an elevator, improving accessibility and providing a more convenient means of transportation between floors.

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