Beachwalk Promenade

Beachwalk Promenade

Lagoon Paradise

The Beachwalk Retail Center spans across 50 acres in St. Johns, Florida. Central to this development is a stunning manmade Crystal Lagoon, serving as the focal point for nearby residential areas. Connecting these communities at the lagoon’s southern edge is a quarter mile paved promenade.

The center boasts a range of amenities, including a covered stage designed for events, an outdoor bar with a beach theme, hammocks, and outdoor seating areas. Additionally, enhanced lighting has been strategically designed to facilitate nighttime activities. Complementing these features is a landscape inspired by Florida’s native flora, adding a natural touch to the surroundings.

Client / Owner

PEBB Enterprises

Key Features

Key Feature
14-acre manmade lagoon

Project Achievements

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