Barrancas National Cemetery

Barrancas National Cemetery

Honoring Legacies

Barrancas National Cemetery is located on the grounds of the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, FL, and traces its history to three 19th century forts that once guarded the entry to one of the best natural harbors in the Gulf of Mexico – Pensacola Bay. Today, Barrancas National Cemetery is the final resting place for more than 36,000 military veterans.

Our team, along with project partners, developed a Master Plan and construction documents for the 15-acre expansion of the historic Barrancas National Cemetery, with a goal of providing the facilities needed for the next ten years. The expansion included over 14,000 interments consisting of 1,000 pre-placed crypts, 1,000 in-ground cremated
remains, 353 sites for private vaults, columbarium, memorial walls, and ossuary. Renovation and new construction of supporting facilities were also included and construction phase services were provided.

Burial sections were identified based upon the interment forecast and included options for traditional caskets, cremated remains, and a natural burial option. The Master Plan relocated the Committal Service Shelter from the central loop in the cemetery to the northern expansion area to relieve traffic congestion in the center of the cemetery. Stormwater management was analyzed to ensure that adequate storage was available
for future development.

One of our project partners produced the GIS database for the current work, which supplemented the geodata base previously prepared by Wood for the balance of the cemetery. Multiple facility improvement projects were also included as part of the overall expansion.

PRIME AE provided architecture and interior design, including SID packages with finish selections and a concept plan for furniture and equipment, for the maintenance building, equipment storage building, and remote restroom.

Situated within the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, FL, Barrancas National Cemetery has a rich history linked to three 19th-century forts guarding the entrance to Pensacola Bay. Today, this hallowed ground serves as the final resting place for over 36,000 military veterans.

Our collaborative team, in partnership with key stakeholders, embarked on crafting a Master Plan and detailed construction documents for the expansive 15-acre growth of the historic Barrancas National Cemetery. The objective? To furnish essential facilities poised to meet the needs of the next decade. This substantial expansion comprised over 14,000 interments, featuring pre-placed crypts, in-ground cremated remains, sites accommodating private vaults, columbarium, memorial walls, and an ossuary. Additionally, our team undertook the renovation and construction of supporting facilities, offering comprehensive construction phase services throughout.

Deliberate planning identified burial sections, catering to diverse interment options such as traditional caskets, cremated remains, and a natural burial choice. Notably, the Master Plan strategically relocated the Committal Service Shelter from the cemetery’s central loop to the northern expansion zone, alleviating traffic congestion and enhancing the site’s functionality. Rigorous stormwater management analysis ensured ample storage capacity for future development.

Our project collaboration extended to the creation of a GIS database, complementing previous geodata efforts and facilitating seamless integration. The expansion initiative encompassed multiple facility enhancement projects, reinforcing the comprehensive nature of the endeavor.

PRIME AE led the charge in architecture and interior design, delivering detailed packages encompassing finish selections, alongside a visionary concept plan for furniture and equipment. This encompassed the maintenance building, equipment storage facility, and a remote restroom, ensuring a harmonious and functional environment within the expanded cemetery grounds.

The Barrancas National Cemetery expansion not only pays homage to those who served but also stands as a testament to thoughtful design and a commitment to honoring their memory for generations to come.

Client / Owner

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District (USACE)

Key Features

Key Feature
State Historic Preservation Office Approval (SHPO)
15-acre expansion

Project Achievements

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