Lance Parshall

Senior Construction Inspector

What brought you to PRIME AE?
I was, at the time, a student at Columbus State Community College working towards my degree in Civil Engineering and in and out of work. I went to PRIME AE to interview as an AutoCad technician when I was hired into the material testing division.

Just what is it that you do at PRIME AE?
I am a Senior Construction Inspector and work on construction projects for the City of Columbus and ODOT. I perform inspections, complete daily reports, track quantities, verify that the contractors are performing the contract work under the current specifications and to plan. I also fill in for material testing when needed.

How would you describe the firms’ culture and work environment?
Genuine people work for PRIME AE. The environment is relaxed, and everyone works as a team. One of the best companies I have had the pleasure to work for.

What do you enjoy and find most rewarding about your job?
After the job is over and seeing the final product in construction. It’s that feeling of knowing that I was involved in making it happen for the public. It makes me proud to say, “yeah, I helped build that bridge.”

What was your proudest moment at PRIME AE?
Wow, I am a pretty humble person and feel it takes a team to work in this industry. I guess I would have to say after my first project working as a project inspector with the City of Columbus Division of Water. After completing the project, the City was impressed with my work and requested a meeting with my supervisor to talk about the quality of work and to request that I work on an additional project in a sensitive area that would require a lot of attention and working side-by-side with the community.

What are your hopes for the industry?
That we can continue re-building our infrastructure using inventions that help improve how our work is accomplished cheaper and faster.

What is the weirdest job experience you have ever had?
Probably the time when we placed fresh concrete pavement on East Main Street and despite the warning signs, three separate vehicles drove into the concrete and needed to be towed out. The road had to be repaired again!

What do you do for fun?
Enjoying time with my family including our newborn baby girl, Nicole. I also like kayak fishing, hunting, and enjoying the outdoors.