PRIME’s technology division, PRIME3SG (3SG) started with a vision to help companies “go-digital” and ease their problems storing, locating, filing, and retrieving documents.

Today, we provide a unique set of integrated digital solutions to create efficient organizations. Integrated digital solutions aim at optimizing and streamlining business processes to create efficiency and to improve communication. 3SG serves the government, healthcare, and utilities sectors, nurturing smart, efficient communities.


Enterprise Content Management
Document Conversion and Data Migration Services
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Project Management
Business Assessment
Data Science and Analytics
Network Operations Center

Representative Clients

City of Middletown, CT
Clerk of Courts, Franklin County, OH
County Auditor, Franklin County, OH
Secretary of State of Ohio
The Attorney General of Ohio
Treasurer of the State of Ohio
CSEA Child Support Enforcement Agency
City of Columbus

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