Survey plays a vital role in the construction of projects, which is why we are passionate about the surveying work we perform. A diversity of projects has afforded us the opportunity to work with large federal agencies as well as with neighborhood community organizations.

At PRIME AE, we practice comprehensive surveying services for transportation, commercial, and industrial enterprises, along with projects spearheaded by local and national businesses and residential development communities. Our experienced personnel possess the tools to assist in all facets of the permitting process—from application preparation and submittal to project presentation.


Utility Surveys
Asset Inventory Surveys
Boundary Surveys/Boundary Descriptions
Land Subdivisions
Global Positioning Surveys
Topographic Surveys
As-Built Surveys
FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates
Structure and Land Form Stability Monitoring
Construction Staking
Mortgage Surveys
Photo Control
Hydrographic Surveys

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