Geographic Information Systems (GIS) turn information from many sources into easy-to-evaluate spatial information. GIS is used to visually inform decision-makers and the public, and can be used to integrate, analyze, and share information. It can improve planning and communications through better allocation and management of resources.

Accurate collection and organization of GIS data is key to studying and understanding the structure, interactions, and relationships within large and complex data sets. Enterprise GIS can produce cost savings through less redundancy, greater efficiency, faster service delivery, decision making support, and improved communication.

For city, county and state governments, we provide integrated digital solutions that make them efficient, responsive and transparent. Starting with business analysis and needs assessment, we offer a range of services that enable multi-year planning and maximization of prior investments. Our services range from paper to digital conversion, implementing enterprise content management, and workflow solutions that integrate with legacy systems. Our GIS services allow the integration of spatial data across every application within governments from property tax records to public works.


Enterprise GIS Services (Optimization/Consulting)

  • Geodatabase Development
  • GIS Application Development
  • Mobile Field Application Development and Integration
  • Spatial Data Analysis


  • Fleet management
  • AVL integration
  • Dashboard reports
  • Public messaging
  • Historic reports
  • Team updates/communication (event updates)
  • Event tracking

Representative Clients

Meet the Team

  • Brian Hall, GISP
    GIS Director

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