Civil engineering is the basic building block to improving the infrastructure of our communities. PRIME’s services extend from planning, design, permitting and construction support of streets, sidewalks, utilities, and drainage systems to roadway and streetscape design and hiker/biker trails.

PRIME works with both the private and public sectors; from local municipalities through counties and states to federal governments.

Safety is always a priority for us, especially when workers are operating in tight conditions on bridges or in highly-populated urban areas. There are many variables to consider, and special conditions are prevalent. PRIME works within the development constraints of the site and offers common sense solutions within given zoning classifications.


Development of Roadway Plans
Utility Design and Coordination
Drainage Design
Green Infrastructure Design
Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Analysis and Design
Stormwater Management
Sediment and Erosion Control
Hydraulic and Hydrological Analyses
Floodplain Delineation
Site Development
Traffic Studies
Cost Estimates

Representative Clients

City of Columbus, OH
Columbus Public School
State of Ohio

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