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Quick Facts

Office Akron, OH
Years in the Industry 12
Years at PRIME AE 2

Lucas Moore

Healthcare Practice Lead

In his daily work, Lucas and his team are fully committed to selling our healthcare portfolio and promoting the expertise of our team members in an effort to expand our presence in the healthcare market. Lucas proudly stated, “I’m a catch-all; I can bring in the work, start the work from scratch, and do the whole document set as needed.” He is particularly excited about the Hilliard Recreation and Wellness Center in Hilliard, Ohio. He explained, “We have been awarded the Wellness Center clinic and now we are also collaborating with OSU’s Wexner Medical Center, both unique and rewarding experiences. The OSU team has been actively engaged in the design process since they know exactly what they want, and their users are all very versed in the process.”

Reflecting on the project that he is most proud of, Lucas shared a project he undertook with the Akron Children’s Hospital. “They approached my former company to start building regional sites that they called ‘health centers.’ They had 95 locations across Northeast Ohio, and they were trying to consolidate many of their regions into one health center that would have primary care specialties, rehab facilities, etc. I had the opportunity to design and manage four of those health centers that we were awarded.” He also shared with us how his eldest daughter Reagan and he went down to visit one of the project sites in North Canton, where Reagan ended up becoming part of the promotional photographs. “It’s an incredible feeling to watch something get built that you helped to design. Once I had kids, it added that extra layer to it, especially being pediatric healthcare. My daughters get to see the buildings and are astonished by them. Of course, they think I build the buildings myself,” Lucas laughed.

Lucas Woodworking DiningTable

Lucas enjoys a favorite long-time hobby, woodworking. Describing it as almost meditative, he enjoys, “measuring things and putting them together.” Lucas has been woodworking since his middle school days when he took woodshop classes and crafted items like clocks and other small objects. When asked about his current woodworking projects, given the passage of time since middle school, Lucas revealed that he now focuses on building furniture for his home and family. As an adult, he appreciates being able to purchase his own equipment and tools, allowing him to define the scope of his projects according to his preferences.

Lucas Woodworking