Chanel PRIMEAE Headshot Square

Quick Facts

Office Baltimore, MD
Years in the Industry 1
Years at PRIME AE 1

Chanel Glenn

Marketing Coordinator

Chanel embarked on her professional journey by joining PRIME AE as her first full-time job out of college. She stated, “I didn’t really know what to expect after graduating, where I wanted to go, or what I wanted to do,” she said. After graduating from Temple University in Philadelphia where she studied advertising, she knew her studies would open a lot of doors. Chanel mentioned that “I know a lot of new graduates struggle with finding where they’re going to be and what they’re going to do after college. I decided that I was going to double my odds of finding a job either in Philly or back home in Baltimore, and I’m glad I picked home because I got a pretty good deal here.”

In her day-to-day, Chanel works across multiple business lines, assisting with various tasks that require attention and effort. She eagerly takes on proposals alongside architects and engineers, utilizing her skills to compile and enhance the proposal. She particularly enjoys infusing creativity into the proposals by adding a touch of pizazz. As a marketing coordinator, her responsibilities vary from day to day and project to project. She humorously. Acknowledge the occasional screen-induced marathon sessions, stating “Some days are non-stop – you’re staring at the screen for a long time.”

Beyond her marketing duties, Chanel finds joy in playing the guitar, hiking, reading, and sewing. Recently, she went on a hiking trip to Acadia, Maine. “I’ve always wanted to go up north like Vermont, Maine; my friend says the park in Maine that we are going to is her favorite state park.” When asked about her favorite hiking destination thus far, Chanel mentioned the Zion National Park in Utah. “I didn’t think that I would like a desert environment, but I really liked the landscape there.”