Celebrating Earth Day 2023

April 2023 | PRIME

Over the last few years, PRIME AE has undertaken many initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, promote the responsible use of natural resources, and further the advancement of sustainable practices. This has come in many forms, including eliminating single use paper products and replacing them with reusable mugs, cups, and plates in our offices along with creating a central area for recycling and trash disposal and installing motion sensor lights. Additionally, we have encouraged the conservation of paper by editing documents online rather than printing. When printing is needed, our team members use recycled printer paper and print double-sided when possible. Since September 2021, we have been tracking our paper usage companywide and our environmental impact has been approximately 80 trees.

We are proud to announce that in celebration of Earth Day 2023, PRIME AE has donated 80 trees to be planted in support of the City of Columbus Urban Forestry Master Plan (UFMP) in Ohio. This plan is a strategic and long-term investment in Columbus’ tree canopy, specifically in underdeveloped areas of Columbus with a goal to prioritize, preserve and grow the tree canopy, equitably across neighborhoods, and to improve the health and quality of life for all residents.

Chief People Officer Pam Butziger said, “We are honored to help the Columbus community in so many ways this Earth Day. Our professionals recognize that protecting and conserving our natural resources is critical to the planet and as a company, we fully support this exciting initiative.”

In addition to PRIME AE’s donation of trees, almost a dozen employee volunteers spent Friday, April 21st at Franklinton Farms. This local farm provides the community with easy access to produce at affordable prices. Our team members spent the day in the Avondale Community Garden digging holes for future fruit trees, renovating one of the outdoor greenhouses, and trenching for a new irrigation system. This garden is a space where neighbors have access to fruit trees, meditate herb spirals, flower beds, and a seed library along with the ability to manage their own garden plots.

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