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BLA, University of Florida
Certification(s) RLA, LEED AP
Years in the Industry 30

Shawn BlissRLA, LEED AP

Vice President, Design & Planning

Since the beginning, Shawn’s career has always carried an approach centered on challenging conventions in design thought and philosophy — a constant pursuit for ensuring that a strong vision, informed conceptual basis, and a “big idea” are the foundational factors in driving solutions through his team and delivering success to his clients. This principle propelled him to firm leadership early in his career and has generated exemplary results in design outcomes, business strategy, and workplace culture. His work continues to focus on guiding projects that range in scale from planning cities to designing pocket parks.

Shawn often speaks about how design school completely changes the way one thinks. This was especially true for him. The diversity of study in architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture not only was life changing, it continues to substantially influence the practice he leads today. Notable projects include master planning and design work for Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, The National POW/MIA Memorial and Museum, and the PGA TOUR.