• Maria Ree Miskimon

Maria “Ree” Miskimon, CPSM

Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

Building relationships and creating value for PRIME AE is Ree’s expertise. Whether it’s through strategic marketing with clients, launching a new branch office, acquiring a new firm, or training staff to enhance their professional growth, Ree achieves results. Ree’s passion for connecting with people and witnessing the growth of their professional abilities is apparent in her endeavors to enhance employee development through her high-level business and human development efforts.

She understands that creating value for employees through one-to-one coaching and group training is at the core of what makes each person feel valued and encouraged — after all, our greatest assets are our employees.

From a father who was an engineer to a husband who is an architect, I have been immersed in this industry for decades. My passion for connecting with people, connecting people to people, and creating value for our clients, teaming partners, and employees is the driving force behind the communications and organizational development work I do for PRIME AE. I feel lucky that I get to do the work I do and for a company I love.