John “Jack” Branyan, PE, CBSI

Vice President, National Bridge Inspection

Jack is leading PRIME AE’s team of NBIS certified inspectors in performing safety inspections of our nation’s bridges and ancillary structures for various State and local transportation agencies as well as the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Air Force, and the US Navy.

He is an experienced highway/bridge engineer specializing in bridge safety inspection and load rating analysis, public and private construction inspection, highway design and rehabilitation, and traffic accident reconstruction. He has overseen more than 6,000 bridge and ancillary structure inspections during his career and has personally inspected more than 950 structures.



It’s a source of personal satisfaction to be in a profession that strives to protect the public. PRIME AE gives me all the resources necessary to accomplish this and an inspection staff that is second to none. It’s a privilege to be a part of a firm that is committed to providing not only quality service to our clients but, more importantly, a firm that is truly committed to diversity and inclusion of all employees.