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MS, BS, Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology, GA
Certification(s) RA, NCARB
Years in the Industry 30

Dana MitchellRA, NCARB

Senior Vice President, Architecture & Engineering

Dana is responsible for the overall success of the firm’s architecture, interior design, roof and envelope consulting, and building engineering services. His expertise in planning and strategic growth is a key asset to PRIME AE as the firm continues to expand its service offerings and geographic reach.

Dana has decades of executive management and design experience. As an architect, he has served as the project principal, project manager, and project architect for diverse project types of varying complexity throughout the U.S.

"In any business, especially architecture and engineering, customer satisfaction is critical. We all understand the consequences of one bad experience on a project. That is why when clients engage with my team, we will work very hard to understand our client’s needs and that we align the right resources and pay close attention to even the most minute details in the execution of their projects. We pride ourselves on connecting with our clients, delivering quality and responsive design, on schedule, and on budget."