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BS, East Carolina University, NC
Certification(s) CPSM, F.SAME, FSMPS
Years in the Industry 28


Vice President of Business Development

Beth is an AEC business development professional with a successful 28-year track record in building and maintaining client relationships throughout local, state, and federal agencies. She is developing and implementing client and teaming strategies that drive business and revenue growth across PRIME AE. Beth leverages her extensive network across the nation to open doors and create opportunities for the company.

An active member of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) as well as the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), Beth has served each organization as president of their Atlanta chapters. She continues to be active in each organization at various levels and is collaborating at the national level, helping to elevate and expand the Fellows program of each organization.

"What you know is good, WHO you know is best! Work throughout your career to build your network. This will open doors and help you to continue to build relationships in every position you hold."