PRIME AE Group offers public and private sector clients a variety of services in virtually every aspect of water and wastewater systems engineering. Our Water Resources practice provides expertise in the planning, design and construction of water, wastewater and utility drainage projects, including water distribution systems, water treatment plants, wastewater collection systems, wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, stormwater systems and flood control systems. Specialized services we offer include floodplain analysis, hydraulic and hydrologic modeling and studies, GIS mapping, flood control/protection, sewer system evaluation studies, stormwater management, water quality studies, sediment and erosion control, structural design, and site development engineering. PRIME AE Group’s staff of 400 includes over 100 licensed Professional Engineers, Certified Floodplain Managers (CFMs), and Certified eLOMA staff.


PRIME AE Group provides planning, design and construction phase services for water projects including water supply, wellfields, water distribution systems, water storage facilities and elevated tanks, large diameter transmission pipes, water pumping systems and water treatment plants. Our experienced staff, many with over 30 years of well-rounded water experience, have focused on municipal water systems and upgrades to existing facilities. These services include the development of and upgrades to surface water supplies and groundwater systems, upgrades to existing water transmission and distribution system mains, new and upgraded water pumping stations and treatment plants, and new ground storage and elevated storage tanks. We also provide financial management and grant procurement services to assist our clients with obtaining funding for projects and working through the regulatory process.

As part of the water main system design efforts, PRIME AE Group performs water main design of small diameter ductile iron pipe (DIP) and polyvinyl chloride pipe ((PVC), as well as large diameter DIP and pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP), utilizing software systems including Autodesk AutoCAD and Autodesk Civil 3D, Bentley MicroStation and other modeling programs such as Bentley Water Gems. We also specialize in the structural loading analysis of existing pre-stressed cylinder concrete pipes, ductile iron pipes, cast iron water mains, and concrete and PVC water mains.

PRIME AE Group provides planning, design and construction phase services for wastewater projects including sewer system evaluations, wastewater collection systems, pumping systems, and wastewater treatment and disposal. Wastewater collection services we provide include the evaluation of sanitary sewer systems through infiltration/inflow studies, flow monitoring and investigations, hydraulic modeling, and sewer system evaluation studies. PRIME AE Group also provides planning, permitting, detailed design and construction services for sanitary sewer systems, interceptors, CSO/SSO elimination, pump stations, new and upgraded wastewater treatment plant facilities, instrumentation and control systems, and SCADA systems. PRIME AE Group designs sanitary sewer systems of all types and sizes of pipes using the most current software systems and modeling programs such as Bentley Sewer Gems and SWMM.  We also perform structural loading analysis on existing pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipes, ductile iron pipe and PVC sewer mains. We can provide assistance to our clients with financial management and grant procurement services to obtain funding for projects and work through the regulatory process.

PRIME AE Group provides Watershed Management and Flood Risk Management services to help communities preserve and protect their natural and built resources. Our Watershed Management Services include Integrated Watershed Planning and Analysis, Water Quality Studies, Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies and Modeling, Stormwater Management Plans and Design, MS4 NPDES Permit Compliance and TMDL Implementation, just to name a few. The Flood Risk Management Services we provide includes Automated Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis, Floodplain Mapping/GIS, Flood Hazard Mitigation, Flood Control Facility Design, Flood Protection Levee Analysis and Review, and expertise relative to FEMA Guidelines and Specifications. Over the years, we have also completed numerous projects for class A, B and C dams. The engineering services for Dam Engineering have included permitting, inspections, engineering assessments, EAPs, stability analyses, hydrology/hydraulics, restoration, repairs, design, and construction-related services on new and existing dams.

As our infrastructure systems age, communities are looking for new more sustainable and environmentally friendly rainwater, stormwater and flood mitigation alternatives which would replace the existing “gray infrastructure” systems of piping, interceptors and tunnels. Green Infrastructure uses natural vegetation, in the form of greenways, wetlands, rain gardens, bioretention, porous pavement and other organic alternatives to manage stormwater and improve water quality.
Urban areas typically rely on interceptors and tunnels to capture and convey gray water to wastewater treatment plants. Green infrastructure uses above-ground improvements that captures stormwater in an environmentally-friendly and less costly manner, reducing the need for expensive underground improvements and enhancing the beauty of our communities.

PRIME AE Group is experienced at designing these improvements and has completed field investigations, plans and specifications, and construction oversight to support these types of projects. Some examples of recent projects include green infrastructure projects for the City of Columbus (Ohio), design of rain gardens for the City of Baltimore (Maryland), implementation of bioretention facilities for the US Army at Fort Detrick and developing stormwater retrofit solutions for the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA).

PRIME AE Group has a diverse group of MS4 NPDES and TMDL compliance specialists including water resources engineers, hydrologic/hydraulic engineers, civil engineers, permitting specialists and construction managers that collaborate on water resources restoration projects. PRIME AE Group’s highly experienced professional staff is well versed in Best Management Practice (BMP) inspections and evaluations, water quality retrofit design, sediment and erosion control, hydrology and hydraulic studies, structural design and site engineering. Our versatility includes performing water quality opportunity site searches, preparing final design plans and specifications, acquiring federal, state and local permits, and construction phase services.

Water Resources engineers with PRIME AE Group have comprehensive knowledge of a variety of state agency design manuals and standards. We stay current on the latest updates and supplements. Examples of our innovative water quality improvement solutions include managing the Maryland Transportation Authority’s (MDTA) TMDL BMP implementation program, program management support to Prince George’s County’s (Maryland) MS4 NPDES programs, implementing bioretention facilities for the US Army at Fort Detrick and developing stormwater retrofit solutions for the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA).