Transportation engineering has been at the heart of PRIME AE Group’s business since its inception.  The firm’s strong reputation and rapid growth are based on a history of providing quality services to federal, state and local transportation authorities.  PRIME specializes in engineering studies, design, and inspection for transportation systems. We have a positive history of the design of new and the rehabilitation of existing bridges and roadways throughout several states. Associated services PRIME AE Group has completed include stormwater management and drainage systems, sediment and erosion control, maintenance of traffic, access and egress points, ADA compliance, noise walls, and pedestrian enhancements. PRIME AE Group has recent, similar contracts with other Departments of Transportation, cities, and counties.

At PRIME AE Group, we understand that transportation projects have a direct impact on the public and the environment.  Our goal is to connect people and places in a safe and cost efficient manner using the most advanced techniques related to construction materials, project phasing, stormwater control, noise, erosion and driver and pedestrian safety.


You have places to be, work, school, and play, and we do too.  PRIME AE Group designs and improves multi-modal transportation systems to keep you moving to your destination in a safe, pleasing,  and efficient manner. PRIME AE Group provides a full range of design services for highways, roadways, and roundabout networks. These designs often incorporate other modes including pedestrian and bicycle facilities, hiker-biker trails, and American Disability Act (ADA) accommodations. Our experience ranges from system preservation design that includes mill and overlay, safety audits, and optimizing existing infrastructure for today’s demands to the design of new roadways for major capacity improvements. PRIME AE Group designs the safest, most cost-effective ways to relieve congestion, extend roadway life, improve safety, and provide long-term sustainable solutions for all aspects of roadway transportation systems. PRIME AE Group’s engineers have  decades of design experience working for a variety of clients including the federal government, State Departments of Transportation, and municipal-level agencies. It is our priority to develop not only the best solution, but to limit the impact to the traveling public during the construction phases.

Bridge Design has been the backbone of our transportation group. PRIME AE Group has experience with all types of design projects ranging from culvert replacement and bridge deck overlays to complex superstructure replacements and widenings on interstate highways in both rural and urban settings.  Our collaborative experience ranges from the design of local replacement structures over waterways and roadways to the rehabilitation of structural systems and decks on large, multi-span bridges including the design of long span cable stay bridges over major waterways.

In addition, PRIME AE Group has expertise in emergency response situations, such as deck punctures, accidents, severe section loss or storm damage. Our staff provides quick assessment and solutions which eliminate the threat of immediate danger to the public and efficiently restore the flow of infrastructure.

As the nation’s transportation infrastructure systems age, inspections are vital to maintain safety and capacity of bridges.  PRIME AE Group is a recognized leader in bridge inspection and load rating services, having inspected over 2,700 bridges and 2,200 Highway Sign and Ancillary Structures nationwide. In addition, we have conducted more than 350 load ratings including steel trusses and gusset plate analysis.  Inspections often involve complex traffic control, daily time restrictions, special access equipment, railroad permits, and extensive coordination with partnering agencies.  We have inspected bridges over major interstate highways, waterways, and both electrified and non-electrified rail lines.  Various types of access equipment have been used including ladders, bucket trucks, lift trucks, under-bridge inspection vehicles (snooper trucks), rigging, barges, and boats.  In addition to the FHWA NHI coursework, our inspectors are trained in first aid, fall protection, confined space entry, and railroad safety.

We ensure that our Team Leaders and Inspectors have completed necessary certification courses, some of which include:

  • FHWA’s certification course, “Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges”
  • Fracture Critical Inspection Techniques for Steel Bridges
  • Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges
  • Inspection of Movable Bridges
  • NBIS Bridge Inspection

PRIME AE Group provides Program Management Services for projects ranging in size up to “Mega” Projects such as the Intercounty Connector in Maryland and the Dulles Toll Road Project in Virginia.

PRIME AE Group has been responsible for establishing, implementing and maintaining mega-project design and construction quality systems; reporting on the performance of the quality systems to the Design-Builder’s management for review and as a basis for improvement of the quality system; and direct supervision of the Design QC Manager and Construction QC Manager and their respective staffs.

We provide contract administration, cost and schedule control, work order management, quality control and design supervision.

From complex arterial signal systems to neighborhood traffic calming projects, PRIME AE Group has done it all. Our engineers are experts in the use of the MUTCD, ITE Standards of Practice, FHWA guidance, Highway Capacity Manual, and Highway Safety Manual. Our services consist of both traffic engineering design plans as well as modeling and analysis. We provide these services to our many federal, state, local, and private clients throughout the mid-Atlantic, including the Maryland State Highway Administration, Virginia Department of Transportation, and the DC Department of Transportation.

Design of Traffic Engineering Devices and Systems

  • Traffic signal plans
  • Temporary Traffic Control Plans (TTCP)
  • Transportation Management Plans (TMP)
  • Signing and pavement marking plans
  • Traffic signal timing plans
  • ITS architecture plans
  • Roundabout plans

Modeling and Analysis

  • Traffic Impact Studies (TIS)
  • Signal optimization studies
  • Crash analysis and safety studies
  • Microsimulation modeling
  • Traffic calming studies and design
  • Traffic signal warrant analysis
  • “Cut Through Traffic” analysis and mitigation
  • Full and mini-roundabout analysis
PRIME AE Group, Inc. embraces the Design-Build process and the unity and efficiency it brings to a project through communication and collaboration between owner, contractor and designer. PRIME continues to grow its staff of Design- Build professionals and project experience necessary to build and maintain a reputation as the “go to” Design-Build Designer Experts.

PRIME’s approach focuses on superior planning beginning with true team integration, emphasizing value engineering and introducing enhanced competition which creates added value. With this intensive planning process, we are able to drive costs down, improve functionality and increase schedule certainty.

PRIME also provides scheduling assistance during design.  Our team can provide a preliminary schedule to assist in determining sequencing, impact on users or the public, and project duration.  Multiple schedules can be developed to test “what if” scenarios for different construction options.