PRIME AE Group, Inc. is a leader in Construction Management and Inspection (CM/CI) services, including project controls. Our inspectors average over 15 years of experience in CM/CI for transportation, water/wastewater and vertical design projects. Our construction team represents the owner as a stakeholder and we direct the project with the owner’s goals at the forefront.  PRIME’s project controls team provide scheduling, estimating, cost engineering and claims review services to further ensure project success.

We are dedicated to preserving the project’s goals by providing sensible value engineering, design management and step by step quality control during each phase of the project. Our project management methodology is largely based on our outstanding quality control system, which focuses on keeping your project operating at peak performance on time and on budget.


PRIME AE Group provides construction inspection services to monitor day-to-day construction activities for compliance with specifications and to ensure that each project is completed safely, on time, and within budget. Our construction inspectors stay current on the latest standards and regulations and have a wide variety of applicable licenses and registrations. In addition, we provide post-construction inspection of facilities to monitor the integrity of the structures.

Our on-site construction inspectors are responsible for ensuring that the contractor effectively and efficiently executes the project in a high quality manner. To accomplish this, our team evaluates project schedules, work performance quality, safety oversight, coordination effectiveness, and performs documentation reviews for all rehabilitation and new construction work in progress.

PRIME AE Group also has a materials testing laboratory in its Columbus, Ohio office. The firm’s lab facilities, personnel, and equipment are regularly inspected by the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL). PRIME AE Group’s services include aggregate/soil/asphalt compaction testing; one-point proctor; concrete testing; preparation of cylinders, beams, grout, and mortar specimens; asphalt/concrete plant inspection; and concrete/asphalt coring.

PRIME AE Group employs a team of experienced personnel who provide Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule review services. These reviews validate the contractor’s submittal for conformity with the contract documents and determine the feasibility of meeting the contractual completion date.  A baseline review is done at the beginning of the project, with monthly update reviews to track actual progress and monitor the proposed work plan for completion.  Our team also reviews contractor requests for time extensions, and provides independent delay analysis and recommendations for project recovery.

PRIME AE Group uses industry standard scheduling tools such as Primavera Project Management (P6), Primavera Project Planner (P3), Primavera Contractor, Primavera Suretrak, and Microsoft Project.  Using these tools PRIME AE Group can access most types of electronic schedule files for review.  PRIME AE Group also uses Schedule Analyzer (SA) and Claim Digger to assist with comparison of monthly schedule updates.

PRIME AE Group performs cost estimating during both the construction and design phase of a project.  Our team provides change order review, as well as independent quantity take-offs.  Our cost estimate summaries use RS Means facility unit costs and relevant historical data.  We work closely with suppliers in the locality of the project to ensure that we have accurate pricing for specialty items.

PRIME AE Group, Inc. embraces the Design-Build process and the unity and efficiency it brings to a project through communication and collaboration between owner, contractor and designer. PRIME continues to grow its staff of Design- Build professionals and project experience necessary to build and maintain a reputation as the “go to” Design-Build Designer Experts.

PRIME’s approach focuses on superior planning beginning with true team integration, emphasizing value engineering and introducing enhanced competition which creates added value. With this intensive planning process, we are able to drive costs down, improve functionality and increase schedule certainty.

PRIME also provides scheduling assistance during design.  Our team can provide a preliminary schedule to assist in determining sequencing, impact on users or the public, and project duration.  Multiple schedules can be developed to test “what if” scenarios for different construction options.

Even the most well-planned and executed projects encounter delays during construction due to unforeseen existing conditions, weather, or technical issues.  Review of contractor claims and requests for equitable adjustment are an important part of our construction management program.  PRIME AE Group takes the burden off the client, providing full review and analysis services to analyze the validity, quantify the impact, and recommended resolution of the claim.

As part of our comprehensive construction management services, PRIME AE Group also provides:

  • Independent delay analysis
  • Assistance in negotiations with the contractor
  • Support for related audits

PRIME AE Group provides turnkey services for project delivery. We assist the owner during all phases of construction.  Our all-encompassing services range from preparation of contract related documents such as scopes of work, change order review and recommendations to shop drawing reviews. The review team may include a single individual or a team representing multiple disciplines depending on the project scope. We are experienced in Local Public Agency (LPA) projects backed by federal funding and provide required documentation for such contracts. We also have an AMRL certified testing lab in the Columbus office.

PRIME AE Group’s Contract Management Services include:

  • Bidding and award assistance: Assist in the preparation of bid documents and the award process.
  • Constructability reviews: These reviews focus on issues of particular significance to the construction phase. Issues frequently reviewed include proposed schedules and contract packaging, construction sequencing, means and methods of construction specified either explicitly or implicitly, risk allocation, document clarity, and contract terms. Constructability reviews during the early phases of the design process will save the client money.
  • Change order review: We are experienced in reviewing and processing change orders.
  • Project management: Our project management methodology is largely based on our outstanding step-by-step quality control during each phase of the project, which focuses on keeping the project operating at peak performance on time and on budget. Our project managers are skilled in directing projects from start to finish.
  • Contract administration: Negotiate, support, and manage effective contracts with the client during and after construction.